5 Benefits Of Living Near Greenery!

Your location of residence affects the quality of living you can have. This doesn’t only include distance, but the surrounding environment as well. When it comes to that, living near nature is one of the most desired residential situations.

Many real estate companies know about the appeal that greenery has, which they capitalize on. Nowadays, you can find plenty of houses surrounded by trees developed by various real estate brands. Even in urban areas, you’ll see that many of them integrate nature at or nearby residences because of its benefits.

Benefits Of Living Near Greenery

benefits of living near greenery

Besides the scenery, there are more positives that living near nature brings. If you’re someone who’s not convinced yet or is already looking into it, you stand to gain more than just a house surrounded by trees and plants. Learn about them by reading the benefits of living near greenery in this blog.

#1 It reduces stress levels

Green spaces reduce stress, which is quite helpful for most adults’ health. Stress is something you’ll hear most people complain about, and rightfully so because it makes it difficult to function. It can also be chronic, and any relief is welcome for people experiencing chronic stress.

Spending some time in nature helps relieve stress. Scientific research has proven that interacting with nature for 20 to 30 minutes helps lower cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone. Time of day and specific settings doesn’t matter, just being in a natural setting for that amount of time will help you unwind.

#2 It promotes physical activity

Exercise is essential to stay healthy, and living near nature will help you exercise more. Exercising around nature makes it feel easier, which will motivate you to do it more often. That’s one of the things that real estate brands use to promote their properties; the space you can have to exercise, as you can see in the properties on alptordesillas.com.

Besides improving your mood, studies have shown that people who exercise in green spaces will feel less need for physical exertion. It’s also been found that walking in a natural environment is more refreshing than walking in urban surroundings. With less effort, you’ll find exercising more enjoyable when in green spaces, which will yield more positive results both mentally and physically.

#3 It improves sleep

Living in an urban area makes it difficult to sleep. Pollution, high levels of light, and noise are things in urban areas that contribute to sleeping problems. However, when you live around greenery, none of them can affect you, and you can have a good sleep consistently.

There’ll be fewer people, vehicles, and artificial light that can make it difficult to sleep when your house is surrounded by nature. According to an Australian study, living in surroundings with 80% or more green spaces reduces the risk of sleeping under 6 hours regularly. That’s partly because there are fewer things that can disrupt it.

#4 It enhances focus

If you’re feeling unproductive due to a lack of focus, interacting with nature can help you out. Many don’t know that focus is similar to water inside the body; it needs to be replenished. When you’re overwhelmed, you have to refill your attentional system to focus.

Exposure to green space engages your involuntary attention, the one you use to see, hear and smell without using huge amounts of brainpower, restoring voluntary attention necessary for you to concentrate on tasks that require more brainpower. Thus, exposing yourself to nature refills your attentional capacity.

#5 It reduces air pollution

The most obvious benefit of residing in an area surrounded by nature is having clean air. An ample amount of greenery will ensure that the air you breathe isn’t polluted. This reduces health risks, especially for children and pregnant women since they have susceptible immune systems.


To reap the health benefits that nature brings, you have to be exposed to it. Living near greenery is the easiest way to do that, which will help homeowners live a healthier and longer life. If you want to be free of pollution and manage stress better, living near nature is your best shot at getting it.

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